Damian Griffin — Professor of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery

Professor Griffin specialises exclusively in the care of young adults with hip problems.

Hip surgery in younger people is a rapidly expanding new subspecialty of orthopaedics. The last few years have seen new thinking in the diagnosis and management of soft tissue and early wear and tear of the hip.

Recent technological developments, such as modern multimodal imaging of the injured hip and the open and arthroscopic management of femoro-acetabular impingement have brought new opportunities as joint preserving options have expanded, there are more and more people who can benefit.

Professor Griffin performs extensive research in hip arthroscopy including following all of his patients indefinitely. He is able to offer the most advanced techniques in the world. He is able to support these with detailed outcome information.

The Warwick Agreement

Find out about the pioneering work being done by Professor Griffin to help the global medical community to diagnose, treat and manage patients with femoro-acetabular impingement Syndrome.